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Our Clients And Testimonials

The following is a list of just some of Vital Business Solutions clients and what they are saying about the services they received.

* Subcontractor

"As an owner of a small business, I have a lot of hats to wear. Many of the obstacles in running a small business, I consider an interesting challenge, however human resources is not one of them. Vital Business Solutions has been there for me from the beginning. They provided me with an extensive employee manual made to my specifications and have been an invaluable resource on how to handle problem employees. VBS has given me the assurance that I am taking care of my employees and am doing so according to the law. Using their expertise affords me the time to focus on other aspects of my business and that, to me, is priceless.."

Carrie Ruggles, Partner
EZAuctioning, Inc

EZAuctioning, Inc. "Vital Business Solutions has provided a high level of quality for the work performed for our company. Our staff has grown to understand VBS' standard of excellence to demonstrate accountability and produce outcomes that far exceeds the normal. VBS has provided oversight management, staff development training and project design services. I highly recommend this company to others in need of improving their organization."

Curtis Watkins, President & Founder
East Capitol Center for Change

"In a very short time, VBS strengthened our program substantially, improving our ability to keep neighborhood youth away from violence. VBS helped us focus, plan, organize and monitor our program. The consultant assessed the organization, identified changes needed to be more effective and competitive. The consultant designed forms and procedures to strengthen reporting."

Eugene Hughes, Executive Director & Founder
Midtown Youth Academy


"Two years ago, I took on the task of conducting our salary survey. I vowed to never do it again! VBS has allowed me the freedom to tend to other matters while they handled the salary survey this year. The survey was very thorough. The consultant was tenacious."

Karen Allen, VP of Human Resource Management
National Parks Conservation Association

"Vital Business Solutions (VBS) has been instrumental in providing consultation, system and program development for our accounting, human resource, and other general administrative needs to Phoenix Therapeutic Services, Inc. (PTS) that include: 1) Comprehensive facilities charts, 2) Contractor credential system, 3) Contract Agreement development, and 4) Professional etiquette consultation. VBS lives up to its name providing the services with the same dedication and beyond in spite of the fact that these are outsourced services. VBS definitely provides solutions to all human resource needs and demonstrates excellence in every aspect of service provision."

Leonard McPherson, President
Phoenix Therapeutic Services, Inc.


"Vital Business Solutions is an example of what other service providers should be. They do what others promise to do. The courteous and professional way in which VBS does their work leaves little to be desired. As a result of our connection association with VBS, we are now more able to meet the expectation of our funders, supporters and constituents. It makes me feel good to know that I'm working a process that will permit me to tell an honest story about an honest service and we owe a great amount of appreciation to Vital Business Solutions for assisting us in maintaining our focus as we continue to service our clients."

Tom Lewis, Founder
The Fishing School

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your stellar work assisting our community leaders to become more diligent and efficient in the administration of their programs. Whenever I receive a call from a site that VBS has visited, it is always with high praise for your service and caring manner. It is a pleasure working with you, and we look forward to continuing our very beneficial relationship."

Robert L. Woodson, President
Center for Neighborhood Enterprise


Vital Business Solutions
Phone: 1-202-832-1388

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